How I survived the Evil Cupcake of Gluten-doom.

Well, this should be an interesting study in the least. Late afternoon yesterday I mistook a vegan cupcake for a gluten free and vegan one. I devoured it with abandon before realizing in horror what just happened.
I haven't made a mistake like this in a really long time.
I stood there, re-reading the signage, eyes darting back & forth between "gluten free" on one side of the counter and "vegan" on the other, mere inches from one another, I allowed the reality to set in.
Outside the shop I released my emotional response. Tears, sobbing, anxiety over what will unfold, wondering; should purge? (-would this even guarantee that nothing would remain?) I weighed the on-the-fly analysis and decided to see how my body would react, using this experience as a lesson. I'll do a personal case study. See what will ensue.

So here I am, day 1. Morning.
I asked myself; Do I have Any symptoms yet? I'm a bit light headed but that is all. Last night I had a bit of indigestion after dinner but nothing painful. This a.m. things 'seem' normal thus far but I know how long it takes to move things through this body of mine. It's easy to determine when you eat black Quinoa on a Friday and on Sunday and Monday you still see evidence of it.

Normally, after a contamination has occurred (which happens regularly on a much smaller scale) I can get a whole array of symptoms: Stomach pain, nausea, head ache, dizziness, bloating and back-ups, then a lot of pain and flushing out. Weight loss, fatigue, irritability, random sadness and lowered self esteem, lack of energy and motivation, loss of ability to concentrate, skin rashes and itchy skin areas. I'm probably forgetting some symptoms. This has been my life for years, even while avoiding dairy and gluten to the best of my ability. But right now-- I'm okay.

Day 2. Hour 40-something.

OW-- Some sharp lower abdominal pain coupled together with more than a few unpleasant visits to the small room and a bit light headed. hmmm....

Day 2. Hour 48-ish:
RAVENOUS! Gotta be a good sign, right? Filling that empty space back up now.

*NOTE* On the first night I took some digestive herbs. In this case it was called Gaia which is by Aboca, an Italian company. The ingredients are Vegetable Charcoal, Cumin, Chamomile, Anise, Lemon Balm, Fennel and Peppermint.
Every time I've taken this product it has reduced gas and bloating almost immediately and then the next day my intestinal tract feels good.
To me this stuff is amazing.

Day 3 and 4.
Is this headache really a migraine? My eyes feel strained too and  I'm also a bit moody. Could this be an 'after effect' of the gluten contamination? I wonder. 

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