New year, new you.

Each day we reinvent ourselves. Each day is different. Even if you take the same actions you took yesterday, today will yield new thoughts and new ideas. We're all made up of body chemistry, constantly being affected by the environment that surrounds us. Some of which we have control over, (i.e- food, liquid intake, sleep, habits & behaviours) -but most of which we have no control over, (i.e. weather, atmospheric conditions, other people's actions around us.) So let's all be amazed at our ability to adapt. Also let's all be in a state of the wonder of it all. There's so much to be grateful for in our everyday lives. A roof over our head, a vehicle to get around, a job or income to keep us from going hungry, friends to support us, love. Look there! You've just changed! You felt gratitude. I'm pretty sure these feelings of satisfaction are good for us. Let's keep on doing that.
Cheers to a fantastic 2015!
Best wishes.

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