#6 Green Eggs and Ham?

How about avocado, hard boiled egg, sunflower butter, cucumber and lettuce on toasted gluten free bread?!
I say, eat fearlessly~ within your own dietary limits. The greatest part about eating at home is personal choice.  I eat the weirdest things and I love it !

If you're struggling, thinking about what you can't eat, and feeling depressed about it,  you've got to move forward to a different place. In place of thinking about what you can't eat. Make a list of the things that you can eat, the things you love to eat, that you can eat. Then begin to think about how to combine those things into meals. Afterward you can start to look for those types of meals when you go out. Keeping it simple for yourself at first is fine, but don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Ridicule is the least of our worries, let's face it.

My latest creation (besides my crazy sandwich), was a slow cooked black beans and pork, corn, potato and onion stew. Chopped garlic, (of course!) and tomato and other spices and herbs. (Keeping a close eye on the spices for the gluten contamination factor.) I also drizzled in some black strap molasses (because it contains 25% of our DV of iron.)  The place smelled amazing as it cooked!  One of the great parts about slow cooking is that you can use less expensive cuts of meat. We're on a tight budget, so this is going to be a repeat performance.

Thanks again for reading, and feel free to comment, (keep it clean LoL!) or just 'points' It helps me evaluate the blog.

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