#7 A gluten free cornucopia

Lately I've been enjoying a 'harvest' of blessings in the form of good food and fortune coming my way. Friends have treated me to meals, two restaurants comped my meals, and I've just learned that I won a gift certificate for a meal of "sustainable cuisine" at The Refinery from Ethical Deal which I'm totally stoked about :)   

It seems to me that there has been an influx of gluten free products filling the shelves and labeling has become clearer. Even large local grocery chains have gf labeling going up. Here in Vancouver we even have a couple of gluten free dedicated shops. This is both exciting and alarming because it really shows how many people are affected by gluten.

 I'll keep this blog short today and offer you these words of encouragement: You are not alone! Reach out, find the support you need and know that it does get better. We will always have our setbacks and bad days, but as you go forward you will find that avoiding the pitfalls becomes easier. Be strong willed, practice gratitude and eat well.

 Here's another blogger's excerpt about the new changes in labeling.
This is what you get when you do a local search on Yelp for gluten free.

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