#11 How I became a gluten free labeling activist.

I'm on a bit of a campaign right now to get Save-On-Foods to upgrade their gluten free labeling system. I was so excited early in the Summer when I first spotted the orange and white Gluten Free signs sticking out off the shelves like little flags. But after I accidentally consumed a product that had gluten in it that was found right behind the sign, I realized that I had rejoiced too soon. This made me mad. I thought; why would they have these signs right on the shelves and not make it perfectly clear as to which product was indeed gluten free? They needed some education.
So, I have made an extra effort to speak to as many employees of Save-On-Foods as I come into contact with, to bring this issue forward and today I was pretty impressed. I was asking an assistant manager about the signs when the Manager of Operations came over, recognizing me from our last conversation and said that he was just discussing this subject this morning and bringing my idea of better labeling back to the table. Awesome! I look forward to progress with this.

This past Summer much of the food industry labeling has come under scrutiny and it appears that some very important changes are on the table. The problem is the beer industry seems to be putting a lot of money into fighting the changes. I don't understand yet why, but they are lobbying to block the changes. I really hope something can be worked out to satisfy all parties. I would love to see more clear labeling, and the sooner the better- I'm hungry!

Here is the petition, if you'd like to sign. We must show our numbers. Please sign and pass it along to other concerned consumers.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/whatsinyourbeer/


  1. thanks for sharing this. I have passed it along to friends on FB :)

  2. Save On Foods has finally upgraded their efforts on offering gluten free foods. They are making a concerted effort and for this I applaud them.