#12 You are not alone!

The other day I ordered a cappuccino from (a notably thin) barista. I asked if they had anything gluten free/dairy free. He regretted that they didn't have anything like that to offer, (which I think is ridiculous) and told me how he himself is finding that he can no longer tolerate gluten and is thinking of experimenting on some gf baked goods and that with any luck he would like to bring them into the shop. I encouraged him to do that. Baking gluten free and dairy free is a real challenge that takes a lot of practice. I'm no baker, I'm the first to admit. Cooking is more suited to me because you can change things up. Baking requires adhering to recipes which I'm not a fan of. I love to throw in a little of this, a little of that.

In my daily travels I've come across a surprising number of gluten free people and while I'm always delighted to meet them at the same time I feel so alarmed at the growing numbers. When I meet someone like the aforementioned barista, just beginning their gluten free journey,  I really feel for them because I know how difficult it is to adhere to the diet. We know, that once we jump that ship, there is no going back. I've now printed out a little card with my blog and Yelp lists to give to people I meet, because I know how hard it was for me to find the best places for food shopping and meals out. I try to encourage new gf-ers to stay on track and focus on regaining their health because it's worth the hardship. There are bonuses on the way! This weekend I visited a new gf bakery on the north shore. I love the sign on the pastry window;  "Everything is Gluten Free" Hah! Everything is so beautiful and yummy looking so if you're looking for a typical over-produced wheaty glutenous treat, you're S.O.L. welcome to the flip side, my friends!

If you know anyone who might benefit from the lists, please pass it on to them or FB my blog and share it. It's not just for me that I write this out you know :)

my glutenfree Yelp
Thanks again for reading and feel free to give me some points ☟

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