#13 Halloween candy. Also; Weird yummy food combinations.

Here comes my favourite holiday, Halloween! I'm a fan of costuming, what can I say? But all the roll out tables at the stores laden with sugary, gluteny, dairy filled treats that I can't eat.. THIS I'm NOT a fan of. There ought to be a law against this kind of torture! Okay, maybe not a law, but I really want a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup. No, not just one, I want a bag full.  I also want some Turtles or Rolo's....  KitKat or any cheap-ass chocolate bar. I want gratification! Sometimes while waiting in line at the grocery store I leer at the cheap, chocolate bars and fantasize ripping into the packages like a wild thing. I'm drooling right now thinking about it. All main-stream chocolate bars seem to have gluten & dairy in them. It's sad, but true. Hell, even red Liquorice has wheat!

Here's a 2013 list of gluten free candies:  list
But for people who are also allergic to dairy, that includes Lactose, Whey and Casein, this list becomes even more limited. We still have Zazubean or Alter Eco's delightful dark chocolate with Quinoa, or Mint and a few other choice flavours and new to the scene is Justin's organic. Dark chocolate (non dairy), (non gluten) Nut Butter cups. These are an awesome substitute that we've been waiting a long time for.
*note* Much less expensive in the U.S.
Don't take any chances this holiday, treat your self well and don't be tricked into eating the wrong thing & paying for it afterward.
Cheers! Happy Halloween!

#14  I love weird food!
It's late and I didn't really have any dinner. The fridge looks looks abandoned except for some leftover rice, some Adams natural peanut butter and an avocado. Hey d'you know what tastes really good? These items eaten together. Yes I'm serious. I've had this combination more than once and it's actually delicious! I love weird food combinations. Anything that tastes good and your body gravitates to it is probably a good thing except when it's all about the sugar.

Last week I actually baked. Yeah me. I baked a chocolate banana bread. Gluten free, dairy free and consequentially egg free. I went off eggs for a week to see if some of these continuing issues could be more allergies. Well the bread turned out great! Everyone who tried it said that you could not even tell it lacked those key ingredients. Yay me! This has inspired me to try more baking (when I have the energy.)
I took the recipe from It was actually an older one that I used, and I combined my own non gluten flour mix. Coconut Flour, Urad (chick pea), Tapioca and potato starch and a bit of Buckwheat (which is NOT wheat at all btw.) plus all other ingredients in her recipe, with the addition of coconut because I had no walnuts. (mmm... now I want walnuts.)

This is a good reminder to not give up, even when you think you're miserable at something, like me with baking. Eat what you see, just eat it YOUR way.

If I don't get to blogging again for a while I will say it now: Happy Holidays and keep on your right track!    Remain healthy friends ♡ and thanks for reading.

Feel free to comment or add points ☟

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