#15 -I can't believe I just committed SPELT-icide

Friends came over for a pre-holiday, casual dinner and they were so excited to bring this delicious, amazing Spelt sourdough style bread. I'd had it once before at their place with out putting too much thought into it I decided to go for it. Dipping that delicious spongy bread through the olive oil and balsamic was just amazing after such a long of a time away from this experience. I simply decided to suspend my anxiety and beliefs and enjoy the moment. Afterward I continued the denial and I did such a good job with it that I can't even pin-point when things started to go awry.

I had a rough few days last week, not as bad as some weeks in fresh memory but certainly not stellar. Now, I've done it again. And for the second time in 12 hours because they generously left me this bread to enjoy. *sigh* I must forgive myself for this sin committed to my body and hope for the best. The bare facts are that I'm never 100% sure about why stuff happens or even what it IS that is happening inside me and it's extremely difficult to avoid gluten regardless, because it's a hidden ingredient in much of the foods out there, be it bottled, bagged, and or in what ever form. Sauces, even meats can have it. SO I rarely even get to enjoy a 'clear' week with out experiencing some form of disruption. Contamination can include a whole host of symptoms for days and get the immune system in an uproar as well as mood alterations. It sucks.

Now I'm going to try and fend off the misery by remaining focused on some projects. There are some seeds of hope sprouting around me so *fingers crossed* for a positive outlook.

Happy holiday times to anyone reading and good luck with staying on track for health.  

I want to apologize for my blog always looking so bare-bones. I'm not the most techie individual and don't know how to make it look pretty. Maybe I should change my name to Wilma Flintstone or something. 

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