#16 Survival!

Well, I survived the holidays and all it's torturous treats passing under my nose. I did succumb to a siren of Sourdough Spelt, singing virtues of not being wheat. Let's just say I fell under it's spell(t) haha. It was so good while the denial lasted. But there was much food to be had that was gluten free and I stayed between the lines for the most part. It really was a great holiday, one of the best in memory. Local extended family and friends, meals and socializing all added up to boost me up into January. I'm still feeling pretty good from it all.

I've made quite a few good meals and managed to avoid being 'contaminated' for the most part, which isn't to say things have been all rosy posy, there always seems to be something lurking somewhere in the shadows to wreak havoc on my well being. It's all part of life, right? if it's not one thing, it's another.

It's a challenge, but we have no choice other than to do our best an hope for good health and for good times to follow. 

Cheers. Here's to 2012! Let's see what adventures will reveal themselves.

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