#18 Avocado the wonder food. I wonder why I'm eating this!

When I was living in California I didn't appreciate the glorious Avocado. Ridiculous considering their health benefits and that they were literally growing on trees near to us! How could anyone not love these amazing fruits? Now I have some avocado almost every day when economically viable. That is I'm not prepared to spend more than a dollar and a half on a good sized fruit. I've seen the prices bounce from 99c - 1.69 each! that's just crazy.

I love mixing weird foods together. At first I had made some Hommus, so I put a little avocado on top, then I tried it with just the Tahini, then Sunflower butter, and then I went for it, I actually put it on peanut butter, it was amazing! Yeah I got a weird look, but do you think I care? Hells no! The nutty texture and flavour goes perfectly well with the mild avocado. I like it on top of eggs too,  and it's great with Ajvar or eggplant spread. I'm not a big eggplant eater, but the spread is a wonderful combination of garlic, onion and red pepper. Love it! Also great in my Food For Life brown rice tortilla wraps. Mmmm!

I feel like it's good brain food. When I'm recovering from a mild gluten contamination, (seemingly unavoidable) I feel like the avocado is good nourishment. Another food I find myself attracted to is the cashew. When I'm attracted to certain foods over a long period of time I think there is a message there. This is my body telling me what I need. I'm not talking about sugar cravings, although maybe there is something to having a little sweet in your day, besides kisses from your lovely that is ;) 

Here's a website that supports my food views. If you don't 'buy it', don't try it, but it works for me!
Avocado and 

Oh! by the way, I found that putting a light layer of Olive oil on the avocado before storing it for later use, stops the browning of the fruit! This one was in the fridge for a day after slicing into it.  It was just a hunch I had and it works!

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