#19 Nuts to you!

I'm a little embarrassed that I'm already scraping at the sides of the jar of "Nuts To You" Cashew butter I bought a couple of weeks ago. And what's more is how I've been eating this, and the Almond 'butter' as well, in combination with --- (please don't "ew" me!) -cucumber, Ajvar and avocado. All this on Udi's toast.
I JUST CAN'T STOP! It's so good.
It must be something my body needs, compelling me eat this every day as breakfast, right? Today I also grated a clove of garlic onto the toast with Olive oil as the first layer. I guess the ritual of this whole act is also part of the allure. Layering the foods onto the toast one by one, gives my body warning that it's coming down the pipe. This is SO much better than just eating cereal. I feel that every meal is important for our body, why treat breakfast so poorly?

I admit, that as much as I try and eat the foods I think will nourish my body, and avoid processed foods, drink filtered water and keep my coffee and dark chocolate habits in check, (two coffee drinks per day is my limit, and not after 3pm usually.) I don't consume very many sweets and I aim for 8 hours sleep per night (getting this amount is another matter) I am still working really hard to stay healthy all the time! I wish I didn't have to work this hard to keep my brain clear and my body "balanced" but for me, this is how it works. If I don't sleep enough I can't seem to function at my optimal level and when I don't eat right I feel lousy. Life by 'trial and error'.

I'm jealous of all the people I know who can eat what ever they want, when ever they want and not suffer any dire consequences. Be grateful and enjoy it! Try and understand though, that not everyone has it as good as you. I often feel a lack of understanding and empathy from people when they observe my lifestyle. It's not by choice that I live within these boundaries, believe me. I'm so extremely grateful for my friends and acquaintances who embrace the challenge of preparing foods with out gluten or dairy. I can't believe how lucky I am to have you in my life! (You know who you are) ;D

Following is an example of such a blessing, which took the form of a baking lesson with a certain cook, baker, butcher and food blogger whom I revere.

Coconut Creme BruleThis, my friends, existed ONLY in my imagination (and sugar-lust thoughts) until ... it was made... a reality. Thank you Kari! ♡ I don't know that I will have the patience to do this very often but I will not soon forget that you took time out of your busy life to show me how to make this, my day dream, into a reality!

Well, thanks again everyone for the read. Let me know what you think by checking the points boxes below or commenting and as always..... feel free to share this blog (on any of your social network of choice) with anyone you think might benefit or enjoy.


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