#20 A good stretch of weather.

The weather's been awesome around here. Coffee in the morning and dinner in the evening are happening on the tiny balcony. The birds are singing and doing their birdie dances together. Bees of different varieties are checking out our little potted plants. Strawberry, Forget-Me-Nots, Oxalis are adding colour to our little outdoor space.
Our friends M & M brought us a whole bunch of organic Avocados and we've been enjoying those with every meal. Who would've thought of making an Onion salad in half an avocado?! I definitely recommend this and eating them outside. I have no complaints about a Spring that feels like Summer, hell no, bring it on.

Armadillo Mangoes!

I hope you're finding all the gluten free foods that you love to eat these days. The markets seem flooded with gf and df foods now. If you're new to the scene, just read labels, look up ingredients and be diligent when you're out. It's really getting easier!

Short of ideas? You might want to refer to this #5 Food List! from an earlier post of mine.

Be well and enjoy your Spring!


  1. The mangos look so good! Great time of year to enjoy coffee on the balcony! Happy to be part of the gluten free global community with you! Cindy :)

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Cindy! Here's to a healthy summer. -cheers!