1701 Powell St. Vancouver BC.

This is a fresh and lovely new eatery in what I'm pretty sure will be named the distillery district at some point in the near future. This is not your mother's East Van, this is a new version. In this East Van where the spaces that used to be forlorn and quite forgotten are viewed through the eye of potential & affordability. Well, by Vancouver standards anyways.

Kessel&March is in the ARC building, in a space that can only be described as odd. Only someone with a great vision could have performed the necessary contortions to make this space feel as warm and welcoming as Kessel&March has.

A chef and an interior designer have carved this unique cave into a den of delectables. (Yes I just pluralized delectable, live with it.) The space is, dare I say, romantic. Each dish is well thought out and prepared to order in the tiny, immaculate, open kitchen. This is classy dining in a casual but elegant environment. Dishes are served on local social enterprise Just Potters ceramics and select pieces are available for sale too, and why not? This is the ARC building, where art lives and breathes.

Tell them you are gluten intolerant and then don't worry your pretty little head, just sit back and enjoy the meal.

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