Happy New Year 2014! Gluten Free Expo is coming to Vancouver

Hello there wheatless wonders and a Happy New Year 2014 to you all! I know, it's been ages since my last post! Lately I read (somewhere) that Vancouver is one of the top cities to live in if you have to be gluten free. And to think that I'm still hard pressed when someone asks me where to go for a meal. There are still only a few establishments on my radar like Wallflower Modern Diner where we can bliss out on a burger and fries with out having to worry about cross contamination. There are a few vegetarian, gluten free places as well. Personally I still enjoy eating meat. However, I can't digest ANY dairy. I'm starting to realize what a huge downer this is when I'm out at a regular establishment and the gluten free items they have on offer have dairy in them.

We seem to have a plethora of gluten free bakeries, which is wonderful (especially if you are in a position to shed some of those heavy dollars) In my opinion Gluten Free Epicurean is still numero uno. East Village Bakery is wonderful if you can digest dairy, if not the choices become even more limited. But the larger issue is still the search for a meal, not necessarily something sweet.

At the end of this month something exciting is happening. The event Gluten Free Expo is coming to Vancouver *PNE Forum. The number of attendees has been off the Richter scale for each consecutive event. This fact alone is very telling if you're interested in knowing about the growing number of Canadians who are affected with gluten intolerance issues. At the event, vendors offer samples of their products.

I'll be there and happily reporting back to you on Twitter from @beandar so keep in touch!

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