Recent article; "Gluten sensitivity may not really exist" is detrimental to our health.

So we're over calling it a "fad diet" that's SO VERY GOOD. But recent press about  &  isn't doing us any favours. Telling people that "gluten sensitivity may not really exist" just isn't helpful at all to people who are suffering from various, undiagnosed food intolerance. It's not helpful in any way to point out various pharmaceutical or food producer sponsored lab studies that confirm (pretty much anything) that helps them sell their product or drug. This is bullshit to us. We have itchy rashes on our body, bloating, dizziness, headaches, mood swings, brain fog and 170+ other symptoms that we can monitor ourselves daily. We don't need another lab study telling us that we should eat something that we know damn well we should avoid. We each do our own studies, every day of our lives. All of our bodies are different and each person has to get to know what's best for them and be disciplined enough to stick with it.

Public education is paramount to us. Many people hear buzz words like 'gluten free diet' and often tune out important information. When I ask a food manufacturer if their product is gluten free, I don't want them to think of some b.s. study they came across in some woman's magazine about how the gluten free diet is bogus. I don't need anyone rolling their eyes in judgement & dismissal or even worse, make some shit up that encourages me to buy or eat their product, I want the truth! Is it gluten free and is it dairy free? Pretty simple. If you are selling something, you should bloody-well learn what's in it! I'd like to avoid these (and SO many other, rather unsavory symptoms) I'd like to remain healthy. Is that okay with you?
*PS the latest article making the circuit was brought to public attention by comedian Jimmy Kimmel;
"Gluten Sensitivity May Not Really Exist"
Guess what? It's funded by....

-Moving on.

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